About Us

OCULAR was established since 1998 with the main objective to provide :

  • Various ICT Tester including Tescon, Okano, Takaya, Jet and Functional Jigs.
  • Laser stencil cutting services in the region.

In order to strengthen our position and provide better quality products and services to our valued customers, we have acquired laser cutting, CNC drilling and PCBA skill-set.

Our Mission

Providing regional customers of high quality stencils at reasonable price, timely delivery and complete support.

Our Capabilities

For Stencil Cutting Services

Ocular has acquired one of the most advanced machines in the market - Precision  granite base weight (3000Kg) with linear motor and linear encoder, making Ocular Stencils different from other stencil makers in the region. We employ High frequency laser and O2 gas to ensure a smooth cutting surface for better paste release.
In Ocular, only high quality stainless steel with uniformity and accuracy thickness of ± 5 % is used to ensure the perfect solder paste volume.

For Jig and Fixture Manufacturing

We provide high accuracy testing for Jig and fixture by employing High Precision   
CNC machines and CAD / CAM software to extract gerber data.

For Nickel Contain Plate

Special uniformed and accurate high nickel contain plate with paste release as good 
as electro-form is also available upon request.


Our equipment include the following:

Mesh strectching table

laser cutting machines

Laser type Nd: YAG 1064 nm
Repetition Rate 5000 Hz
Laser safety CDRH Class IV

QC Facilities

To ensure we only deliver high quality products to our customers, all the products will have to go through stringent QC. To achieve this, we have equipped ourselves with

Tension meter

Measurement foil tension
Smallest Cutting Feature
Aperture 50 µm
Stencil Thickness 0.05 – 0.25 mm
Active Position Range 600 x 600 mm
System Resolution (X-Y) 0.5 µm
Positional Accuracy ± 10 µm
Repeatability ± 5 µm
Cutting Speed 4 – 6 mm/sec
Throughput 200 – 3000 ap/h

Microrules Eyes (Glass Rules)

Scale Pattern : 0.001”/ 0.025mm
Pattern Length : 25.00”/ 634mm
Overall Length : 27.85”
Line to Line Accuracy : +0.0001”
Overall Accuracy : +0.00025”

Measuring Table

Measuring Range :500mm x 500mm

Overall Accuracy : ± 0.001

Profile Projector

With measurement accuracy 0.001mm

22, Jalan Seroja 37, Taman Johor Jaya, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.
Tel : 607 - 357 0688 Fax : 607 - 357 5788 Email : ocular@ocular.com.my
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